Monday, January 4, 2010

Good Ole' Fashioned Senior Prank

     I was having a difficult time sleeping last night so I decided to just get up early (sigh). I went to the kitchen to pour myself a cup of joe and as I opened the cupboard door to reach for my favorite coffee cup, something had caught my eye through the separation in the kitchen curtains. 

     I peered out the window and lo and behold... TOILET PAPER!! Everywhere... TOILET PAPER!! There were streams of white falling from the trees, what looked like hundreds of cotton balls covering the front lawn, white streamers circling the two bushes near the street! Then, there to my right was the two ultimate SNOW BALLS! The cars, they'ed  been wrapped like mummies in the driveway!

     I went back into the house and got my camera. Walking around outside at four thirty in the morning snapping photos in my pajamas, warm robe and slippers like it was a crime scene. Flashes going off every few seconds not worrying weather I would wake the neighbors, all the while thinking, I'm going to have to clean this all up!

     I woke my dearest senior son right at six on the dot. I waited for him to get out of the shower and dress before my interregation began. As he walked out to the living room where I was seated very calmly he said "what?" (must have been the look on my face). I asked him if anyone from school was mad at him, he said "no, why?" I handed him the photos that I had taken earlier and printed out while he showered and got ready for school. As I handed him the photo's he said "what's this?" He answered his own question with a laugh and said "Oh man! we got hit good!". Umm hmmm was all that I could muster out of my mouth. I asked who he thought was going to clean that mess up? He said "call the school and tell the I'm sick and I'll clean it up", I replied with... "fat chance".

     Oh... God has such a sense of humor.







  1. OMGoodness! I cannot even imagine that happening to our place, how did you handle it with such grace?!!?

  2. I prayed! Prayed for a 17 year old sense of humor at 4:30 in the morning, prayed for a soft voice and a mild spirit. It turned out well and the rest of the day was blissfully sunny and slightly warm around 50 degrees by early afternoon.

  3. Hi Melissa,

    Although teens are fun, they are a different breed, what with raging hormones and what not loll. Savor this time with your 3 little sprout, as time takes you by surprise. And teens have you on your feet more ways than one so... savor this time right now.


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