Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Poem That Hits Home For Me

     As our second to the youngest son begins the enlistment process with the Army, many emotions have been running through my mind and soul. I have been praying that if this is God’s plan and will for our son, I ask my Lord and Savior to make this process go smoothly and efficiently through the testing, medical examinations and finally boot camp. I also asked my Lord and Savior that when the time comes for his deployment, that He gives my son wisdom, strength, courage, bravery, stamina, honor and peace and that He wraps His arms around him in safety everyday in where ever they send him and in what ever situation he is placed in.
     During my emotional rollercoaster ride, I found this poem. For the life of me I can not remember where I got it. It is written by a mother in honor of her two Marine sons. It immediately touched my heart as there are similarities in our sons. I’d like to share it with you now.


My Heroes, All Right!

Boys, born close together, were seldom apart,
Each one once hidden, so close to my heart.
Baseballs and footballs, and trucks, red and blue,
Couldn’t get just one, every time I’d need two.
Despite hassles and tussles, and fights, quite a few,
What one would think up, the other would do.
Ever active, and noisy, with toy guns and tanks,
Their sister and I laughed and sighed at their pranks.
From toy chests to bunk beds, and shoes in a row,
Together they’d lived, and together they’d go.

From home, on to college, and to the Marines,
To Boot Camp, Graduation, and places between.
I watched as they marched, and paraded so stately,
And knew that they’d need skills acquired just lately.
My boys, strong and brave, would serve with great pride,
While I, a Marine Mom, must take it in stride.

While our troops are away and so far from their homes,
We sit at computers, and stay close to our phones.
We gaze at their pictures, and dream of their faces,
We gather together, but see empty places.
We speak of our troops, but don’t mention our fears,
Our private thoughts often dissolve into tears.
We wait for their letters, and dream of a call,
We hope for their safety, and pray for them all.

Now in different battles, where each has his part,
I still keep my boys in my prayers, and my heart.
I wish I could keep them forever in sight,
But they’re boys, and Marines; They’re My Heroes, All Right!

Original poem by Anne M. Walker; March 2010. In honor of her sons,
LCpl Stephen A. Walker, USMC, currently on 2nd tour in Afghanistan, and
LCpl Dustin A. Walker, USMC, now serving as Deputy Sheriff in Morgan County, Ohio.

     Thank you Anne for posting this (I’m so sorry I can’t remember where, I would surely link to you), I am thankful that I stumbled upon your poem as it has given me some peace and insight of emotions to come.