Thursday, December 31, 2009


    As I look back over this past year of my life, things like using my time wisely, getting closer to God, focusing on my family, fellowshipping, ministry and my work at home business, I am not satisfied at all with myself in doing my very best. After all, isn't what we do and what we make of life supposed to be all for Him? Yes it is! I ask myself... Why was I so selfish? Why did I think I had all the right answers, made the right decisions and exactly how has my life prospered?

    If I am totally honest with myself, I did not make this past year about God. I did things, made decisions based on what I thought were good for our family and myself, I prayed about some, but I did not pray about all of them and I didn't wait for my Lord's answer. I am utterly ashamed and have repented of my disobedience, selfishness, my neglect of our Lord in devotions, reading, and of ministering. In other words, I have not put God at the center of my life this past year. I do pray several times a day however, I have not spent enough time in prayer. How horrible is that?! And I consider myself a Christian?! All I have to say for myself is GOD, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, I am at this moment NOT WORTHY to be considered one if His!

     I have not given my ALL for the Lord's sake, but I have made a new covenant with God in that this year I have awakened with a renewed heart and spirit for Him. I vow to give my ALL in each and every waking hour of each and every day to my Lord and Savior. I will be alert to keep all evil at bey and not allow it into my life evermore. my beloved is mine and I am His, Song o Solomon 2:16 .


    With this said and out in the open for all to witness, I feel a huge weight being lift off of my shoulders. I am rejoicing in the Lord and am very excited to see what God has planned for myself and my family. Who knows, maybe this is the year my husband will be saved! But if not, I will continue to be diligent in prayer for him. There is one more thing that I am sure of... that the Lord has led me to a group of homeschooling Christian Mothers, wives, mentors (weather they know it or not), and work at home women whom inspire and encourage me daily. And for that I am forever and truly grateful. 

     In closing this chapter of the past year with thankfulness, I hope and pray that everyone can be as honest with themselves to make new commitments (for the better), and have the strength, perseverance, and the grace of God to keep you on course. As for me, I know this is going to be an enlightening, transforming and bright new year!



  1. Amen, Sister. But, let's remember that there's grace and that He's working a good work in us until the day of Christ. I'm with you in desiring to do better. With the LOrd's help, we will. We'll be working it out until we're in His presence. May we both have the desire to continue to "die to self" and constantly fight sin.


  2. Yes Zinnada, we do need to remember that there is grace. Thank you and God Bless