Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Home Keeper’s Journal

     I have begun participating in The Home Keeper's Journal over at Christian Home Keeper dot org. Here is my journal entry for 2/23/10:

Here’s what’s happening….

In My Kitchen… bread, oranges, rice, crackers and chicken.
With The Children…
Getting Senior son registered to take the CHESPE next month and trying to keep him focused on studying for the test. Junior son is not into doing school work right now and just wants to work on his Go-Kart. It is raining again this week after a beautiful sunny weekend.
What I’m Reading…
I will be writing a review on my Review blog in April so I am currently reading The Twilight Gospel by Dave Roberts. I can not talk about this on right now however, I just finished reading The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher. What a great read that was.
What I Have Been Learning…
That I am a very impatient person, I want answers now when I ask a question, I want the kids to do their chores now as soon as I tell them, I want family members and friends who are not saved saved now. I have been praying extra hard for the Lord to give me patience because it is so hard to wait for “God’s time”. Especially when you know in your heart that His return is very, very near.
What I’ve Been Noticing…
My mind keeps bringing picture memories back to view all of my children when they were very young. I view special events that happened to them, I see them playing with friends that they still are friends with and some who they have lost and grew apart from.
On The Back Burner Of My Mind…
Spring cleaning, I am not looking forward to taking down all of the state plates and pictures on my wall to clean them.
In The Deepest Darkest Recesses…
Keeping all of my deep fears and anxieties out of the reach of everyone.

Blessings; Tammy

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