Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A New Addition To Our Family

Well... we have a new addition to our family in the form of a nine week old baby boy puppy. My son's friends sister found a puppy in a shopping cart at a local grocery stores parking lot. He was curled up with his little tail between his legs whimpering. She took him home and has been taking care of him since, she began bonding with him and knowing all along that her apartment complex does not allow dogs, she asked her friends if they wanted a puppy. Needless to say no one did. There was no way she would take him to the humane society, so she asked her brother to help her find a home for him.

Now, my husband knows that I cannot turn any animal away and as soon as he saw this pup come through the door, it was not leaving. He gave me "the look" and I gave him my very best smile and batted my eyes at him and then... viola! the pup became our newest addition.

We haven't named him yet because I want to see more of his personality so that his name will be well suited for him. I will let you know what we name him in a few days and will also put his picture up.

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  1. Poor puppy, I bet he is happy in his new home. :)