Sunday, October 18, 2009

Homeschooling Video... A New Generation in Education

Although homeschooling is not a new concept, it is however, a choice parents are turning to in the 21st century. What with the economical downturn, the poor decision making of the legislators, the closing of schools, the over crowding of classrooms due to funding cuts, the ever increasing peer pressure and bullying, and the ever so present cutting of sports and art programs in our public schools it's no wonder more and more parents are looking for more options in getting a better education for thier children. And if it means for them to teach thier own children or enroll them in a charter or independent study program (ISP), then that is a sacrifice they are willing to make.

I made that decision close to five years ago to the dismay of my husband. At that time my youngest son was being promoted from year to year struggling more and more each promoted year when in fact, he should have not been promoted from first grade. I begged the school to hold him back because I felt he was not ready for second grade, he struggled with math, writing, and reading and comprehesion. The teacher and the principal told me that "he will do just fine next year" if I just kept reviewing all the materials that were taught that year. I told them that the class schedules were to regimented and not enough time was being spent on any one subject, that he couldn't keep up and the change from one subject to the next was too fast. They said he would be fine. Well... it turns out that no matter how much I would help him with his homework as each year passed, and melt down after melt down (from his frustation), it didn't help through the years. About half way through sixth grade, I had had enough of the excuses from the school and school district, and my sons frustration, melt downs and ever so rapid decline in self esteem, I pulled him out of the public school system and began to homeschool him. We began our homeschooling journey very slow. The last half of his sixth grade year when I pulled him out, I let him just "deschool" and as he was deschooling I began researching curriculum, signed up for a homeschool support group, talked to other new and seasoned homeschool moms and thier children so that my son and I could get a better picture of what it would be like and what to expect in the fall when we would begin our journey. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My son has done extremely well with his homeschooling journey and is becoming an intelligent, smart, decent and enthusiastic young man. I am very proud of him.

I have added an enlightening homeschool video below that consists of parent and children interviews on why and what homeschooling has done and meant for them. It was made at a homeschool convention in California.

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