Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm Back!!

Oh how I've been on my hiatus for to long so I thought it was time to ease back into writing again. Since my last post our family has been through a lot, two new grand babies, our daughter's wedding, the loss of a job and my brother in laws passing. There has been so many up and down days that I had to step back away from both of my blogs to meditate, reflect and to get back into a normal routine.

With that said, I am working on a post that I've been thinking of doing a change up here on my blog. From here on out, I want to begin sharing more of my creative side. Since having two new grand children born into our family I have been sewing, embroidering and crocheting more so I'd like to start sharing my projects with you all. I might even get up enough courage to put my projects into tutorials.

I will also be sharing a new passion I've recently discovered in essential oils. I have become a huge fan of them and have been learning so much! I use them for healing, mood enhancement and have also started to make my own products. And I am now selling essential oils through Young Living. But I will tell you more about them and the company in an upcoming post. I will have my first post up on Monday April 8th and hope that you will join me so until Monday, have a wonderful weekend!!

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