Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Day Giving Challenge ~ Day 2

30-Day Giving Challenge

Today is day two of my challenge, and as I was driving to the grocery store i was thinking about this giving challenge, I thought, what if I could give someone the opportunity of participating in this challenge too, as I continued to drive I began thinking of some other ways that I could give during this challenge and out of all of the ideas that crossed my mind, I have decided that the best way that I could give is to offer something for our homeless community here. So today I have been baking muffins (cinnamon cream cheese). I will load them up in the morning and begin giving them out tomorrow morning.

As I was in the grocery store, I noticed that the woman behind me with four toddlers and one infant was not having a good morning so I told her to go ahead of me. The infant was wailing and the toddlers were all asking the woman if they could have this candy or that candy. The woman looked like she was going to lose it any minute, so I asked her if I could hold the baby for her while she paid, she gladly gave the baby to me and as she was paying I was singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to the toddlers and the baby. The woman was so grateful and you could see her becoming recomposed and smiling at her children.

It's amazing how God puts us in a situation or in someones life, just at the perfectly timed moment.


  1. WOW Tammy~ What an inspiration you are=) And I know that mama was eternally grateful for your kindness!!! I will definitely be praying and seeking God on how I can bless someone else!

    Loves & Hugs~

  2. Thank you Maranda, but this Glory was all God, He put me in the grocery store line right at that perfect moment. She was in a much better demeanor when she was walking to her car :^)
    Thanks be to God!