Saturday, May 22, 2010

Know The Facts…

The topic of Arizona’s Immigration Law has been on my heart and on my mind since the day Governor Jan Brewer began enforcing a law that has been in effect (just not enforced), I felt the need to write about it.

Two weeks ago, Governor Jan Brewer took President Obama to task for making Arizonas unsecured borders and illegal immigration crisis a laughing matter. However, since then, Washingtons comedy of errors has grown far worse, with top cabinet officials admitting that they havent even read Arizonas new immigration law. Broken borders are not a laughing matter, but the failure by Obamas trusted officials to read Arizonas law before commenting and condemning it is laughable. Read the law for yourself at:

The video features Attorney General Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Assistant Secretary of State PJ Crowley admitting that they have not read Arizona’s immigration law.

This video is courtesy of Governor Jan Brewer' website. If Attorney General Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Assistant Secretary of State PJ Crowley were doing their jobs (that includes reading laws), they might not have been in such a hurry to get on their “high horses” in not backing Arizona’s Governor’s actions in securing her states borders! We need to start making sure that our President, Vice President, Attorney General, Homeland Security Secretary, Assistant Secretary of State and every other person in office is held accountable for what they say, do and not do while they are in office.

We as voter’s also need to do our part and read up on who is running for local city, state and national government, not to mention all of the propositions that are on the ballets. I urge everyone who are registered to vote, not to be swayed by other peoples opinions or by the commercials you see in the media. It is imperative for our nation’s survival.




  1. Tammy, this is wonderful. I've really been being convicted about never really knowing what's going on in my state, the country or anywhere else. And really I should know better as a law student.

  2. Thank you LaToya, since my post this morning, I have learned that there are 16 more states following Arizona's lead! Isn't that wonderful? I think maybe it just took one state to get the enforcement going.And yes, we all should know what is going on in our own state.

    God Bless♥

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    In His arms and under His wings,