Sunday, November 15, 2009

An Era Coming To A Close

     I am dedicating this post to my second to the youngest son Mr. Football. An era is coming to a close with you, our second to the youngest son.

     Yesterday he played his last game of football as a high schooler. His last senior game was yesterday and they went out with a loss. But that isn't what made it so sad and heartbreaking. What did make it sad and heartbreaking is the fact that seventeen years and ten months ago, a beautiful BIG, blonde haired baby boy was placed in my arms for the very first time. He came into this world wieghing in at nine pounds eleven ounzes and was twenty one and a half inches long. In June of 2010 he will graduate High School. And unless a miracle happens, that was the last football game he will ever play and the last football game I will ever get to watch him play.

      The above picture is of M and I after he gave me flowers before the game started yesterday. I was beginning to get tears in my eyes trying to keep my sobs at bey. M was shaking a bit and I could see tears well up in his eyes as he handed me the flowers because we both understood what that moment meant. After photo's were taken we gave each other a kiss and I wished him a great game. We turned our backs to one another, M going back onto the field and, my husband and I along with all the other Senior players parents, walked off the field and headed up to our seats in the bleachers. Tears continued to fill my eyes as we sat down in our seats and waited a few moments for the game to begin.

     M made some really good defensive plays throughout the game and played every play except for two. He made an interception on one play, caused a fumble for another (which was a good thing). Tackled a receiver on a kick off down at thier five yard line, leaving no chance for the other team to return that kick down the field. In this next picture the QB overthrew the pass to M but you can see he almost had the catch.

And this next one where he did make the catch and close to a first down.


This next one is the tackle that caused the fumble.


And finally, I just really like this picture.


     M, you have had a good four years but I know you and I both will miss football season the most. God has Blessed and trusted your father and I to love, protect, encourage, teach, and train you up in the eyes of the Lord. But, it was the Lord, who already knew before you were even born, who you would be and what type of man you would become. And I am so thankful and grateful He chose us to be your earthly mother and father. And I can hardly wait to see the man God is molding you into.

We love you M and pray nothing but the best for you!

Love, Mom


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