Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Addition To The Family Part 2

In part one of "New Addition To The Family", I said that I would update you with pictures of our new little guy. So today I was able to take about five minutes to take a few snapshots of him, and oh by the way, my youngest son got to name him and he decided on "Duke".

                                    This is Duke

                               Isn't he a little cutie

He is a very playful and quiet little boy, unlike our six year old girl, Nina. Nina barks at every little noise and..... everyone that comes up the walk or in the door (sigh). No... Duke gets this look on his face when he hears and sees Nina as she begins to wail at the door like, "What are you barking at"? When he figures out why she is barking, he just turns around and walks off. It's really quite entertaining.

He's doing very well with potty training, and learning new commands. However, he is having a little difficulty with teething. A few things our new little pup like teething on is the dining chairs (made of maple), the coffee table (solid oak), and not my husbands or sons slippers but... MINE! Oh well, I guess mine just smell and taste better, lol.

Our little guy still has a few nightmares (yelping cries) when he sleeps, but those are starting to slowly subside. It makes me wonder how he was treated by his former owner before he/she just left him in that shopping cart all alone and... how long was he in it before my sons friend's sister found him. Thank God that is in the past for our new little guy.

I must say, he is adjusting extremely fast and bonding with all of us very well.


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