Tuesday, September 29, 2009


When it's raining outside and I have a few minutes to spare, I often begin thinking of childhood memories. This is one of those times although it's not quite raining, just a few sprinkles but a good shower is lurking just beyond the foothills so, a particular memory has come to mind.

I was remembering back when I was seven or eight and how I couldn't wait to get home after the dismissal bell rang. I knew my mother would be there waiting, at the door for all five of us, she would give each of us a tight hug and a kiss on the top of our heads then usher us all into the kitchen to have a glass of milk and an afternoon homemade snack, that had just come out of the oven. After our snack we would all sit down and do our homework for the day, which by the way only took about one hour at the most to complete. When we had finished snack and homework, we could do whatever we wanted to do weather it was coloring, playing with our paper dolls or dress up.

My second to the oldest sister, my youngest sister and I would usually opt for playing "horses" complete with tails and hooves. My dad had scraps of wood laying around from little projects he worked on. So we would fish through the scraps until we found small enough pieces of blocks that would fit in our hands to use as hooves and knee high socks tucked into the back of our pants for the tail. We loved hearing the clapping sound the blocks would make on the hardwood floors or the concrete. It sounded like horses galloping, we used to imagine we were out on the open plains in a heard. We would play that usually until dinner time. We had so much fun! My brother would play "Batman" or something like that with his friends. When they got tired of that they would come and bug us or try to get us to play some "boy" game with them.

I miss those carefree days, I miss being a child and not having a care in the world, I miss the unconditional warm love our mother and father had shown for us. I miss being able to talk to them on the phone or going to see them. I miss you Mom and Dad

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